Home Automation

Automated Home Controls in San Jose

What is Home Automation?

Home automation is the use of computers to control basic home functions and features automatically. A lot of times, this can be done remotely. Homes that have many automated features and systems are often called “smart homes.”

Having full home automation can include scheduling a water sprinkler to turn on at a certain time of day or having the thermostat set at a higher temperature if no one is home during the day. Other things you can control would be window coverings, security systems lighting, a coffee pot, etc. Home automation can also tell you current temperature inside and outside of your home. You can integrate lighting, music, video, security, heating, cooling, and other systems so you can control them all in one place, like a smartphone or tablet, to create a personalized, convenient, efficient living environment.

HiDef Audio can install your complete home automation system in San Jose, CA and the surrounding areas. Call or stop in our store today to learn more about the benefits of home automation.
Automation System Integration 

The beauty of home automation is the ability to integrate all the different components of your home’s systems, including climate control, entertainment, and security, in order to maximize the efficiency of your home and simplify your day-to-day routine. With home automation, you can control your bedroom lights from the iPad in the kitchen, set your alarm from your phone in the car, and create entire “atmospheres” throughout the house with a single touch of a button. Instead of searching for several different remotes, you can control your TV, music, and fireplace all on one convenient screen. Turn your home into a smart home with the help of HiDef Audio Video. Our home automation possibilities, paired with the products we offer in custom home entertainment systems, can turn your house into an oasis of a living environment.  
Home Automation is Safe & Eco-Friendly 

A smart home is a green home. Save money and the environment with eco-friendly automated climate and lighting controls that manage energy consumption without sacrificing comfort. Integrate your shades, bulbs, heating, air conditioning, and other systems for a truly unique atmosphere while you’re at home and a truly efficient environment while you’re out. 
Automatically Safe 

Sleep safe and sound with automated home controls that allow you to turn off every light, lock the doors, and set the alarm at the touch of a button. Go ahead and take that much-needed vacation. Automated home controls make it easy to monitor your security system while you’re away and even set your lights on a timer so it looks like you’re home.

The possibilities with home automation are practically endless. Call HiDef Audio Video today to see how we can make your Bay Area home smarter with our complete section of equipment, design, and installation options. 
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